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How To Use Hair Growth Oils

 Shake Well before use as natural ingredient separation occurs. 

*Scalp Treatment:

Divide hair into 4 sections apply small drops to scalp. Use fingertips to massage for even Distribution and stimulate circulation. Comb Through to Hair Ends.

-Style As Desired! Use 1-3 times a week or as needed.


*Scalp Hair Split End Treatment:

Apply Oil to scalp, hair, split ends or all, put a plastic cap for minimum of 10 minutes on your hair, rinse and then shampoo.


*Hot Oil Treatment:

Apply to hair, apply plastic cap and leave on as needed.



Ivorie Coutures Hair Strengthening & Scalp Growth Oil is Infused with Biotin 100% Pure Natural Organic Ingredients Each batch is Handmade and undergoes a slow infusion process lasting over 2 weeks, ensuring Extreme Organic Potency. As you can see, our oil boasts a vibrant Organic Green hue, a testament to the abundance of Nutrients and Vitamins naturally released from the 30+ingredients carefully selected to craft our incredible formula. Our All-Natural Ingredients guarantee remarkable results. We pledge to Reduce Breakage, Nourish Hair, Scalp, and Skin, Prevent, Revitalize, and Rejuvenate dormant Hair Follicles, and offer Moisturization. From tackling Thinning and Dandruff to Strengthening and Promoting Growth, Ivorie Couture Hair Care prioritizes your hair care needs. Our Wonder Formula was Specifically Designed to Deliver These Promises!